Review: Le Fiscalou in Tarn, France

The weather in the southwest of France can be pretty unpredictable. This is something we learned first hand when we were making our way to Le Fiscalou, the next naturist destination on our itinerary. During the last weeks, we had been enjoying excellent late summer temperatures, and clothes had never been needed except for early in the morning or very late in the evening.

Just overnight, the temperatures had dropped and dark clouds had chased the blue skies away. Bad weather is never fun when you’re going to a holiday destination, and we were a bit afraid of what would happen to our pictures and our video. Luckily, just one day later the weather turned once again and naturist temperatures were all around. That is the weather in southwest France, it can change really quickly and can go either way. But this is not an essay about the French climate, so let’s talk a bit about Le Fiscalou instead.

How to get to Le Fiscalou
We’ve probably said this many times before when we wrote about naturist campsites in France, but we’ll have to do it once again: Having your own transportation is a must because …

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