Emma Nelson goes on vacation

See-Through – Emma Nelson 1
No. She doesn’t. I do. I go on vacation, and I’m taking Emma Nelson with me. Of course that’s not her in person, but the third story I’m trying to keep going.
I think I made comments about how hard it is to write crime stories before. In case you missed those:
It’s bloody hard to write good crime stories!
Just so you know. The third story is slowly moving along, but that has to change.
That is where vacation comes in.

The Art of Stealing
I’m off on a vacation at the end of this week. I’ll be out of the country and on the island of Fuerteventura, to be with a special person who is not Emma Nelson. Still, there will be time to write, because a day without writing is a day without writing.
My plan is to only work on the third Emma Nelson story while I’m there, to see how much of a kick in the naked butt I can give it. I’ll be gone for a week, which should give me ample time to get some text down on the typewriter. (In …

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