Use My Voice

Music is an incredibly powerful form of expression and feelings, and speaks to you in ways art or literature cannot. I was on my way in to work yesterday morning (Yes, it’s as awful as it sounds. I have to get dressed and go in two days a week now), when I heard the beautiful voice of Evanescence vocalist, Amy Lee, come across my AirPods. I have always found her voice and lyrics to resonate with my emotions and soul, but yesterday morning was a bit different in my interpretation. I had just picked up my coffee from Starbucks, and in the solitude and silence of my car, I really listened to the words of this song. I have heard this song so many times, and I know the general purpose of this song was for Amy to express her feelings and discontent for President Trump. However, something about the song just clicked. It was like a light switch went off in my head where I realized this song has so many more meanings and applications that originally thought. If you haven’t listened to the song yet or it’s been a while, then please take 4 minutes out …

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