Review: Koversada Naturist Park in Istria, Croatia

Croatia is often considered to be the origin of commercial naturism. The earliest mentions of the country in naturist articles date from the very beginning of the 20th century and by the 1960s more than 100 000 naturists spent their vacations at the Croatian coast year after year.

Just off the coast of the town Vrsar on the Istria peninsula lays a small island called Koversada that used to be particularly popular among naturists. In 1961, this island became Croatia’s first naturist resort. Back in the day, you still had to take a boat from the mainland to the island. Today, there’s a long bridge and the resort expanded to large parts of the coastline, providing 85 hectares of naturist space that attracts up to 6000 visitors per day during the high season.

Needless to say that Koversada is an icon in European naturism and its historical value can hardly be overestimated. Reason enough for us to get our naked butts towards the north of Croatia to personally experience the resort.

How to get to Koversada Naturist Park
Istria is probably Croatia’s most popular tourist destination and due to its proximity to the northern European countries, many visitors arrive with their own …

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