Nude Across America Pt.11: WNHD Day 1

2021-06-19 and 2021-06-20
I wrap my kilt around my waist ready for a bottomless ride across New York State. Our journey begins in this driveway in Buffalo and will end with nude friends at a campground, somewhere in the Green Mountains of Vermont. We say our goodbyes. DF and her brother have those tears that dear ones share.
By the time we have arrive at the end of the block, you can hear the rip of separating Velcro at my waist and DF is pulling her dress over her head and folding it up. We have been dressed during our nude journey for plenty long enough and bare skin is liberation.
We’re on our way to the semi-organized “World Naked Hiking Day” in Vermont. We’re about to meet cyber friends that I have been corresponding with for years, in the flesh. We’re more than ready.

After finding our way to the Interstate I-70, we’re off to the east on this route all the way across New York State.
I watch black cars go by. Black isn’t seen much in Tucson. If you see one, it’s a tourist or a newcomer. Just make sense to stick to lighter colors and shades of white. A black car gets hot enough to burn skin, but then people foolishly wear clothing in Tucson, too.
Crossing the State line, which is the Hudson River, something changes. Old seems older, cemetery stones taller, ginger bread on buildings more ornate and country roads more country. Emerald green forests seem darker in the deep forest. It is New England; the signage reflects an English settler’s linage.
 The roads leading to Vermont out of New York are not good roads. The roads in Vermont are a remarkable contrast. It would …

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