Nude Across America Pt.10: Skinny-dip Falls

In the southwestern New York, we came across an emerald gem. It has a grey bedrock channel through it. In some places it sparkles like tiny diamonds. It’s called Skinny-dip Falls. It’s a canyon gorge with a nude area about a mile long. Some sources say that it is designated, but it appears to speak for itself.

We sit in DF’s brother’s place, as I bring the topic up. I had seen this online and a writing pal mentioned it, just days before. I pull out my computer to look for notes of reference. I sit for several minutes looking at dead ends of information. Apparently, my notes had not made it onto the lap top along with the other guidance labeled, “Back East Trip.”
Not daunted, I gather my cell phone and sit down in the chair across from DF and her brother. I ask it simply, “Skinny dip New York.” They just smirk as my eyes light up. There is a list of references of the place. I blink, look down at the screen again, and announce in disbelief, “It worked.”
They, expecting an obscure secret path in the back woods near the Allegany Forest, look at me with big eyes as I begin to read a highly detailed description off of a website.
According to her brother’s phone app, we had just finished 8.6 miles and 41 stories of stairs in the Niagara Falls area. We are consequently looking for a light hike for tomorrow and here it is. The game afoot, we make ready for the morning’s start by going to bed. As we prepare for our night’s sleep, DF seems a tad troubled by something. I decide to see how she is coming along in the morning.
Emerald …

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