Nomadic Nudists in name only?

The Toaster, our home for six years, and the end of it’s Nomadic Nudists adventures.
If you’ve been following this blog lately, you’ve probably noticed that you’re doing a better job of following this blog than I am of blogging on this blog. In fact, all you’d have to do is leave a single-word comment and you’d be doing a better job of blogging as well. So, it’s about time I show up and get everyone up to speed on the activities of the Nomadic Nudists.
First, we currently are not “nomadic.” We probably should just delete that part of our name for now, but then we’d call ourselves “The Nudists” and everybody would be like, “Yeah, so what?” Maybe we’ll come up with another adjective such as “God-like.” Or maybe just “God-awful.” I’ll noodle on that another time.
Anyway, there’s a reason we’re not current nomads, starting with what we did after spending a summer in Bisbee, Arizona in 2020: We bought property. Specifically, we bought an acre in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona which we’re calling Jackass Acre — AKA, The No Pants Ranch. The acre had …

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