The Katarina Line Naturist Cruise in Split, Croatia

During the last years, we have stayed at so many different kinds of naturist accommodations. From campsites in the woods to all-inclusive resorts at the beach. From small BnBs to huge naturist villages. Self-catered villas, bungalows, glamping tents, apartments, you name it. But there was one type that still stood shining bright on our bucket list: A ship.

What is a naturist cruise?
Our experience with this type of vacation is very limited. In fact, it was none until the moment when we set foot on our ship called the Fantazija. We had never been on a multiple-day naturist cruise, or any cruise whatsoever. So we can’t compare. We can’t tell you that every naturist cruise around the world will be identical to what we have experienced. But there must be some similarities.

The idea of a naturist cruise is that you get to visit several different places, while in the meantime, you’re staying on a boat where you are allowed to be naked. Once you embark in a port for sightseeing, dinner, or drinks, you will have to put some clothes on, of course. It kinda reminded us of the many naturist road trips we’ve …

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