Our Naturist Road Trip in Italy in 2021

If there has been one benefit of the COVID lockdowns, it’s that we suddenly gained a lot of time to think. For many months, traveling from one place to another just wasn’t an option. So we started musing about the future of Naked Wanderings and we started learning new skills. We got interested in video. It’s a completely different way of creativity and one that we could easily include in our Naked Wanderings concept.

When the world opened up again, we started creating videos of nearby naturist resorts and nude beaches. As we were in Spain at the moment, those weren’t all that hard to find. But we wanted a larger project. We wanted to create a series of videos. And we knew the perfect place for that.

Back in 2019, we had already done a short naturist road trip around Italy, in which we visited 5 resorts. This time we would aim for a little bit more, re-visiting some of the resorts where we had previously been and adding a couple of new ones to the list. And we would visualize it all.

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Resort Naturista Grottamiranda in Puglia
As we would be traveling early in …

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