Nude Across America Pt.8: Ohio Hike

Background to this episode is here:
Nude Across America Pt.7: Across Five States into the Jungles of Ohio

We have been having a peaceful R&R morning in Shawneee State Park, Ohio. It is mid- week, Tuesday, and we are nearly alone. I count just five occupied spaces out of the many in our area.  
I take to the asphalt, walking down to the ranger station to square up and ask about hiking in the area. There are park maps pulled out, as I inquire. Not seeing what I am looking for, I mention that we have been a way from eastern forested areas like this and we would like solitude, maybe some meditation.
There is a trail up the road. Suspiciously, it doesn’t sound quite right, but there is little else to go on.
A short trip up the road through the canyon is a boat launch and dam. A lower parking lot is empty. Nobody is around. We get our light gear and follow a sign, walking across the road over to a hole in the foliage. It soon becomes apparent, that this trail is all our own.
Just a few feet in, we confidently strip off. I toss my clothing into the pack and out of the way.
The liberation begins.

Pleasant in this forest, I’m still amazed by the biodiversity. Pair of well-done plaques begin to describe what we are walking into. One has in-depth descriptions of 14 different species of trees. I know Arizona vegetation, but I’m feeling like a duck out of water, overwhelmed by the unfamiliar natural bounty.
The first thing that gets me wide-eyed is that they actually mow the trails here.
It is an old road that leads to the ruins of a cabin and loops …

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