Nude Across America Pt.6: Mighty Mississippi

Epic Road Trip…nude….
…Missouri welcomes, as does every state. A long expanse of trees covers the countryside. There are national and state lands preserved for the future, bringing back the heritage that has been logged away. I had set up for some camping and hiking exploration in the Mark Twain National Forest, but hearing the voices of old friends on the phone, changed my mind. Follow the heart.
We stop for ice cream and gas along the highway.  In the parking lot, there is a young man with the lid up on his old pickup truck, sitting with car trouble. Five Amish men in their traditional dress, black suspenders, gather around him watching. After a while, I see a black horse carriage trotting away down the highway. No motor troubles.
We turn off of the Interstate as the shadows begin to get longer. The two lane road winds through forest and farmland.

French names are on roads and towns, left from the days before the Louisiana Purchase. We’re going to visit friends and relatives in Burfordville and Cape Girardeau, both in the mid-western heart of the Mississippi River’s charm.  I remember back to a land of small towns, with red brick buildings with small white pillars.
Fireflies decorate the evening under the dark of tree canopies.
We sit up late with my lifelong friends. It’s been years since we were together.
In the morning, we are immediately placed into a historical sense at Burfordville. A mill dating back before the Civil War and the old buildings of the town that it created, charm us.
The old long covered bridge leads to a road that looks out of a Bonny and Clyde movie, crosses the river.
The local antique store is called “The River Runs …

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