Nude Across America Pt. 5: Green Aliens Everywhere

We wake up warm and rested in Roswell, New Mexico in a rather used looking motel room.
Out front on the street, a western motif has taken on a new message.
Everywhere, there are more green critters and crashed space ships.
A Paul Bunyan sized Alien decorates an ice-cream shop. It is wearing a covid mask.

There are coffee shops with aliens loitering out front. There are stores filled with the latest and classic alien paraphernalia.
We have to see the famous “UFO Museum.” How could one just miss something that has inspired an entire town to go green? It must at least be fun.
We get our tickets at what appears to be a converted theater. We’re asked where we’re from with a welcoming smile, as we pay and then wander through the corridor with no sense of what to expect. The first thing to do is get our pictures taken with two folks who have apparently crashed their space ship in the Tucson Mountains! Yup, that looks like Cat Mountain is the backdrop, notice the saguaros! Oh, if only I could make this look like I stumbled upon them while naked hiking! 
We find each exhibit fun.
These Guys are Loose on, Tucson, AgainWe read and see it all.
Participating in the AutopsyIt will be a long trip across the plains today. We’re hoping to get somewhere into the green tall trees. After New Mexico, we’ll have Texas, Oklahoma and the next day Missouri. I break out my notes to review the laws and attitudes in concern for nudity. We’ll be okay, to just act like we do in Arizona.
There are long hours of grand wide open spaces. In a region of not much of civilization, any of the concerns …

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