Nude Across America: Pt.4

On the Road Again:
We are feeling refreshed from our dip in the natural bathtub. We are comfortably barefoot, head to toe, road ready. We leave Dog Canyon, passing through Alamogordo, New Mexico, continuing our journey.
I’ve used the word “carnude”, or “carnuding” several times lately. Just to do some housekeeping, it is a contraction of “car” and “nude” that several of us came up with several years ago. It was a takeoff of the contraction “canuding” meaning canoeing nude. It simply means traveling by car without clothing. Here is a complete Carnuding Handbook, which explains the how to’s that we employ to safely carnude:
Carnuding Handbook: On Being Realistic and Practical

We slow through the quiet town of Tularosa. I have been through here numerous times over my lifetime, but never have taken true notice. I spot a large neighborhood of dressed up older homes. They are what I’d call New Mexico styles. They have much in common with the popular Santa Fe style, but are less restricted to the boxy pueblo look.

The trees are old and the grass lawns green. At home, I have a blank canvas that must become a peaceful meditative garden and a screened in porch to be enclosed to augment my future clothing optional AirB&B. This style with its creative use of what is laying around and rustic charm, is my southwestern decor of choice. I’m excited and ask DF if she minds taking the time to cruise this place for ideas.
She is behind this side excursion, of course. We pull off of highway 54, slowly looking and snapping off pictures of the homes. I think to myself, that if I could choose what my neighborhood looked like, this would be it. The old adobe …

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