Naturists Share their Best Newbie Tips

When we wrote a blog post about our first time naked in public a while ago, it occurred to us how long this has actually been. Meanwhile, there’s so much time and experience between those first scary steps into naturism and where we are today, that we wonder if we are actually still a reliable source of information for those who want to try naturism today or tomorrow.

For a long time, we have run an interview series on Naked Wanderings called The Naturist Talks. We interviewed naturists from around the world about their experiences, and one of the questions was if they had any tips for first-time naturists. We have re-read many of those interviews and made a compilation of the best tips from naturists around the world.

Don’t overthink it
Many of these tips are easier to say than do, we are well aware of that. And especially this one. When you are about to experience something that far out of your comfort zone as going naked among others, how can you NOT think about it? The problem is, there is no way that you can imagine how it will be unless you’ve tried it, …

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