Naturism in Belgium: Athena naturist campsites

Belgium counts about 10 naturist resorts. Did you guess that? Don’t worry if you didn’t, even most Belgian naturists don’t know this. Most will come up with about two or three resorts, and there’s a 95% percent chance that the ones they name are the Athena campsites.

The Athena club was founded in 1955 by Irène and Robert Lambrechts, who were also co-founders of the Belgian Naturist Federation. Today, Athena is still a family business and owner of the three most popular naturist resorts in the country.

We had to return to Belgium to get our COVID vaccinations and figured that the time between the two shots was the perfect moment to learn more about naturism in our own country. In the end, we have visited naturist places in all corners of the world but didn’t really know all that much about the options in Belgium. The obvious starting point was, of course, at the Athena campsites.

Athena Helios: The active one
If you’ve visited this campsite two or more years ago, your experience is likely to be very different from what you’ll read in the next paragraphs. The reason is simple: A change of …

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