Naturism as a Business Model

The other day, we took part in an interesting Twitter conversation (if we had a dollar for every time that happens) about whether or not naturism should become more commercial and whether there is a need for naturist business models. Will it improve naturism as we know it? Or will it backfire and take down the whole non-profit concept on which naturism was initially built? Will fully embracing capitalism be the next step towards normalizing nudity? Or will it just open the door (even more) for naturism to become sexualized?

Naturism should always be free
Let’s start with the beginning, a tweet from our friend Hector Martinez who is known not to fear throwing controversial topics on the table: “Until naturism becomes a profitable industry, society and our institutions won’t see the value in it. Morality is flexible when it comes to capitalism. Want to normalize nudity? Make naturism a profitable industry.”

Someone immediately threw in a big “NO”. No, because naturism should be a human right and should always be free. Of course, this person was absolutely right. Of course, everyone should be free to undress and spend some time in the nude. But that was not …

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