Why Does the Naturist Get Dressed for Dinner?

During one of our first naturist camping experiences, we were invited for a communal dinner. This is pretty common at naturist resorts. Sometimes it’s a kind of potluck where everyone brings something, other times one of the guests or the staff cooks the meal and you just pay for it. In any case, it’s always a great opportunity to meet the other visitors of the resort and often a very social experience.

We didn’t really know what to expect, but we figured that even though the evening was getting a bit chilly, we’d better show up undressed. This is a naturist resort after all, and being the only clothed person at the table would probably feel equally uncomfortable as being the only naked person in a group of clothed people. In fact, it was the latter that actually happened. We arrived with nothing but our towel to sit on, and everyone else was nicely dressed.

The clothing etiquette
As newbie naturists, we started doubting whether we were doing something wrong. We had heard about the unwritten rule that said: “naked when possible, clothed when necessary”. Maybe dinner time was one of those necessary cases? Even though …

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