Striving For Failure

I’m a strong believer in failing. I think failing is one of the most essential parts of success that no one really talks about. I have failed many times in my life on many different things, but each time I failed at something I learned something too. Like the great inventor and politician Benjamin Franklin said: “I didn’t fail the test, I just found 100 ways to do it wrong.” If you think about that quote for a moment you realize just how important that statement is. This is something we can apply in our everyday life professionally, personally, and even as a nudist.

Typically, when we fail at something, we ask ourselves why. Why did I fail at this? What did I do wrong to fail? How were my steps incorrect? Where did I slip up or make a mistake? When was the pivotal point to my failure? Then for those of you who don’t like to accept the blame may ask yourself: Who was the cause of my failure? With that question I have to solidly answer you with a simple word…YOU. In everything that has gone wrong in my life or things I have …

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