Our last naturist stop in Italy: Costalunga | Italy Road Trip Ep 15

Our naturist road trip through Italy started in the very south of the country and now we are approaching the very north. The last stop on our itinerary is naturist campsite Costalunga in the Liguria province. We visited this place many years before and are curious about what has changed. While we’re at the campsite, we also visit the Beigua national park, Acqui Terme, a lovely winery, and the town Sassello.

00:00 Intro
00:47 Room Tour
02:25 Costalunga naturist campsite
04:36 European Championship soccer
05:29 Pratorotondo (Parco di Beigua)
07:45 Acqui Terme
09:18 Cordara Winery
12:04 Sassello
13:09 Communal dinner and skinny dip
13:53 Outro

⭐ Useful links:
Costalunga: https://bit.ly/3yEwPrq
Costalunga review: https://bit.ly/3Cp6a46
Cordara winery: https://bit.ly/3jF3yq9
Plan a trip to Italy: http://bit.ly/3iTbdkb
FENAIT (Italian Naturist Federation): https://bit.ly/3c1txVV

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