Closing One Book While Starting A New One

First of all, can I get an amen that the year 2020 has been a shit storm of bad things? I mean, really? My 87 year old grandmother said it was been the worst year shes ever seen. This is coming from a habitual pessimist!! I’m going to speak a bit more freely in this post, so I’m warning you now that the rants will come and go. We as a country and as a world have suffered through so much this year that I’m shocked we aren’t at each others necks more than we are. It’s very shameful the way people have treated each other in general. We’ve had racial hate, massive earthquakes, Australia and California burning like the gates of hell, major viral pandemic, nearly saw World War 3, government lock downs, severe weather records, toilet paper pandemic, food shortages, and to top it off fucking murder hornets! Oh, we can’t forget a Christmas bomb in Nashville, and my life turning to shit by ending a 20 year marriage. If God is listening to us…Can we please have a break?


There is always a silver lining to all the bad events which have …

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