8 Worldwide Naturist Destinations for Foodies

When we travel, we prefer to stay in resorts where we can spend at least some of our time without clothes. Not just because we love to be naked or because we find it more comfortable (and time-saving) not having to stand in front of a closet or backpack picking an outfit. Equally important, because we like naturists. We like the friendly social atmosphere that is so typical at naturist resorts.

Spending time at the naturist resort is not the only thing we like to do when we travel though. We also like to explore the surroundings, visit the local attractions, explore the nearby nature, get in touch with the culture, meet the people, and try the food. If local delicacies are something you also enjoy while on vacation, you definitely want to put the following destinations on your bucket list.

Let’s start with the very obvious. France has more than 100 naturist resorts, clubs, campsites, and B&Bs. There’s hardly any region in France where you won’t find accommodation that allows you to be nude. And the French kitchen is known worldwide for being delicious and diverse. From fresh game dishes in the more central …

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