5 Tips for Planning Last Minute Naturist Vacations

A couple of months ago, we were among the first tourists that were allowed to enter Italy again after the 3rd strong wave of the COVID pandemic. That was in early June, quite a popular travel period as the weather in Italy is not that hot yet as in the high season, but definitely already naturist-friendly. From our talks with the resort owners during the weeks that followed, we learned about the many cancelations.

People were still too afraid to travel, too afraid that they would lose their money or get stuck in a foreign country. Many preferred to wait a little bit more, see what would happen with the pandemic and the ever-changing rules, and maybe have their vacation a couple of months later. Today is later, and we hear from many of you that you are now ready to travel. But how do you plan this on such short notice?
1. Check the COVID rules of your destination
If you are reading this in the future and COVID is meanwhile under control, feel free to skip this first tip. But at the time of writing, this is very accurate and to many, also …

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