What Is Beauty

According to Wikipedia, beauty is described as “a feature of objects that makes these objects pleasurable to perceive”. These objects can be landscapes, sunsets, artwork, buildings, sculptures, or even humans. We can all agree that watching the sunset from the west coast or watching the sunrise from mountain tops of the east is truly a sight to behold, but what is it about these sights we deem to be so beautiful? The same thing goes for works of art, architecture, and other inanimate objects. Why is it that we perceive beauty in different ways, especially when it comes to our own species as humans?

As a society of people, we perceive beauty as a type of cognitive bias known as the Halo Effect. The Halo Effect is our judgement toward someone where our impression of that person dictates our assumptions about them. When you walk into a shop or a store, meet someone for the first time, or listen to what a physically attractive person says, your mood tends to change and you are subconsciously put at ease because this person appears to be friendly and trustworthy. Have you ever prejudged someone by saying “that person looks mean”, or “he/ …

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