Wednesday post. I’m on time. Nude.

Hopes. Up. Or Down.
Now don’t get your hopes up, this won’t be a big, fabulous post, so if you’re looking for that, move on, nothing to see here, get an ice-cream at the nearest sales point and thank you for stopping by.

Nude on the roof balcony on FuerteventuraYes, I can do nude. I didn’t stuff that in the, admittedly, very weird blog title for no reason. But it’s not just about the image. It’s about…
Okay, I admit, this gets weirder and weirder. Bare and bear with me: I’m very tired and I still have 2 days to work before I have a week off.
Space, however, is happening a lot on my computer these days.

You may recognise this cover, on the right.
Nude In Space.
One of the earlier naturist science fiction books I wrote. A while ago I heard people asking for more of this. Now I could recommend buying the book again and reading it again, but that would be a weird shortcut, right?
Well, let me tell you a not-so-secret.
Nude In Space 2 is growing.
It’s far from done yet. I’m on chapter 13 …

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