So, You’re Dating A Nudist.

I’m getting old. I had to increase the font size just to see what I am writing. I’ll be 41 next month and it’s too early for my vision to get any worse than it already is. Anyway, as many of you already know, it’s hard to find another nudist to date. There are many more people out there who are not nudist than who are, so your dating pool is significantly reduced from a purely nudist perspective. If you’re a nudist this can be very daunting to try and navigate through. I’m sure it’s even more difficult for a man, because it’s much harder to find a woman who is already involved in the clothes-free life, or at least willing to partake in it. Most of the time you have to introduce her to the lifestyle, which can bring a lot of judgement, apprehension, and other negative connotations associated with being a nudist. However, I am not going to focus on the struggles that a nudist may or may not have when trying to date, but I am going to put my focus toward the non-nudist perspective to help bring understanding. My …

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