Redington Pass and Beyond

Here we are, it’s Spring again and a first warm opportunity, a perfect day has presented itself. We were looking for a hike, to enjoy our deep tropical tans. Just over a week ago, we were in Zipolite, Mexico. Spoiled, we’re after sand, water and more of that terrific sense of liberty.
We have to stay down in the desert, because elevation makes the air much cooler up in the mountain’s trees, at this time of year. We also, want to try something new.
Redington probably has water from the recent rains. We thought of hiking the sacred mountain Babaquvari, but that is such a strenuous hike. We just feel like taking it somewhat easier. There is fresh  ground up past Redington Canyon that would be new to us. We’re off.

There are quite a few cars already as we arrive. I have to park up the hill a bit further and walk a bit to get off of the road.  So I drop my kilt on the back seat and wrap my sarong  around me.
At the flood warning sign, I stuff my coverings into the backpack. I noticed that someone has painted over the clothing optional information, but one of the naturists who use the area have already painted over that. I don’t think that the Forest Service painted over it. It is probably the “Friends of Redington Pass.” They recently had a clean up. They would treat the announcement of nude recreation as graffiti.
As we stroll down the path, an apparent sound coming up from the deep canyon tells us that there is water flowing over the falls. We hear lots of luscious water.
The big surprise is the number of buds and flowers along the trail. As we …

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