The Misconceptions of Naturism, What we Know Now

One of our very first blog posts, which we wrote almost 5 years ago, was called “The Misconceptions of Naturism“. It quickly became a cornerstone article and set the path for what Naked Wanderings would become. We would answer the questions that people often have about naturism. We would inspire others to give it a try and remove the taboo by tackling the misconceptions.

Today, we believe that we can say that we have much more experience than we had back in the day. We’ve been visiting so many naturist places in so many different countries. And we’ve met so many naturists, all with different stories, ideas, and visions. So, we wondered how many of the misconceptions that we defined back in the day are still standing in our more experienced view.

Naturism and sex, the everlasting conflict
During our recent appearance on the Elaine Show in Ireland, we were asked about the misconceptions around naturism and the first thing that came out of our mouths was the untrue relation to sex. From the moment we said it, we wished that we had said something different. Something less obvious. Something more true.

Maybe it’s because we’ve been …

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