Long-Term Traveling as a Naturist Couple: Our Experience

It’s often said that a first vacation together is a great test for young couples. Even if you already moved in together, you probably still spend a lot of time not together. At your job, hobbies, or with friends. But once you hit the road, you suddenly become like siamese twins. 24 hours per day in each other’s proximity. Some of that even in very confined spaces like hotel rooms and cars. It’s often said that this is how you really get to know each other.

Of course, this isn’t 100% true. In the end, a vacation is nothing like everyday life. You’re likely to have much less stress, much fewer chores to do, no long days at the office and you’re seeing these great sights and doing cool activities in a very short period of time. But what if this lifestyle becomes your life?

Our big sabbatical
We have been blessed with a common urge for exploration. After only being together for a couple of months, and definitely not living together yet, we went for a week to Iceland. Half a year later, for a month to Malaysia. During the following years, many more exotic …

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