Everyone has a body

“Everyone has a body. I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t have one.”

I heard this in a podcast from the Dutch naturist federation NFN.
It was a fascinating listen (link to podcast, make sure you understand Dutch) and when the above sentence came by, I laughed out loud. That made several people turn their heads, as I was out on a walk while listening.
The lady that was interviewed, Roos Schlikker , was very funny in her expressions.
The talk covered many different topics, ranging from being naked at home, visiting nude beaches and resorts, and going to nude saunas (there are saunas with specific ‘bathing suit only’ days here in the Netherlands).
Advertising was also a topic they talked about. They mentioned an advertising campaign from a soap and shower-gel company that had a television ad with a naked woman in it, and no one batted an eye:
Yes, this was on television![embedded content]
Here is a similar clip, in FrenchA TV ad like this is absolutely impossible these days. I think this is a sad thing.
Because everyone has a body. It will not “live up to the expectations” that the beauty industry imposes on …

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