Not Getting Lost: Part 2

This is the end of the previous tale about navigation when hiking. I am on my way back to Terra Sante across wide open spaces of various terrain. The first part can be found as the previous post.
My memory of the subtle differences in my landmarks faulty, I am having a tough time staying on my route, except when I find the jeep trail that crosses my path. Soon enough, I’m making my way toward the sticks that I placed to point the way.
 This jeep trail has been a relief from the random wandering through the open desert. The harsh thick plant life makes a straight line of any kind impossible.

As I come around a bend on the trail, through some reeds and into a clear green space, where my stick marking is, a large Jack rabbit is sitting in the middle of the road before me.
It poses, as I cautiously get my camera out of its case. It is close enough for me to identify that what I thought was a grand white tail, is just a grey spot on its back. The partner, a bit further out also has the same markings. Are they old survivors, or is that a survival strategy?
I take photos. It runs out further when I shift from staying as frozen as possible. Maybe it had never seen a quiet naked human before this? It is just out of sight and I must follow to get another clear shot. This leads to their flight, but much more slowly. They run across from me more distant, but I can still see their grace. Then quickly, they are gone in the mesquite bushes.
I find myself in the unfamiliar, but it is easy to walk …

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