Normalizing Nudity, What are the Next Steps?

After 4 years of Naked Wanderings, we like to think back to how it all started. How we had this crazy idea to quit our jobs and start traveling the world in search of naturist places. How we decided to be completely open about our naturist life and share every aspect of it on this blog and social media. How scary it was the first time that we appeared butt naked in a newspaper and not much later on TV in the USA.

We think about what has changed since then. How we have changed because of the people we met and the things we learned. How our perception of naturism has changed and on a larger scale, our perception of the world. We think about how we managed to already double the two years of traveling that we had initially in mind. And we’re still not planning to stop in the near future.

Helping (aspiring) naturists
One question that keeps popping up in our minds is whether we’ve been able to make a difference. Naked Wanderings started from the idea that we wanted to show the world how great naturism really is, and to inspire others to give …

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