Naked Digital Nomads

For a long time, digital nomadism was just this new hippie thing for the younger generations that didn’t want to settle down just yet. People who wanted to travel the world, but didn’t really have the savings to do so for a very long period of time. The internet created opportunities, and especially in the ICT sector, it became quite easy to find a job that didn’t require you to come to an office every day. Programmers and web designers can perfectly do their thing from home. Wherever that may be.

But the travel bloggers really boosted “digital nomadism”. They traveled the world as nomads, wrote about their experiences and the places they visited on a website, and got paid to do so. It’s like what we do with Naked Wanderings. We were probably among the first naked digital nomads, but we’re pretty sure that we won’t be the last.

Everybody digital (nomads)
Because of COVID, many jobs suddenly became purely digital. Remote working became the trend. People got the opportunity and the infrastructure to work from home, in order to reduce the risk of getting infected. But what defines “home”? We got a …

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