Living in a Nudist Community

When we traveled to Spain, several months ago, our initial plan was to arrive in Alicante and start traveling south from there. One of the places we definitely wanted to visit was Vera Playa, a so-called “naturist village” in the north of the Andalucia region. That was the place where we had hoped to write this blog post because people are actually living there and spend their lives (when the weather permits it) pretty much completely naked.

If you’ve been following our travels, you probably already know that the Spanish government decided differently and closed down the provinces because of the COVID pandemic. As Vera Playa is in another province than Alicante, there wasn’t really a legal way to get there. We say “legal”, because there are workarounds, of course. But when we saw a video by White Witch in a Van who was staying there at the moment, we figured that it wasn’t really worth the effort.

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Naturist communities
Especially in Europe, some places are particularly popular for naturists to live. We’ve mentioned Vera Playa in Spain, but there are a handful of others like Charco del Palo on Lanzarote island, Leucate in …

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