The sexual content warning on TV

I’m currently enjoying a series on Netflix called “Love, Death and Robots“. It’s entirely weird at times and I love that. It fits me. (And hooray, there are new episodes in a new season!)
A few days ago I saw an episode called “Shape Shifters”. The rating for this episode:

Yes, it had some scary stuff in it (spider) and there was fighting, killing and shooting (fighting hand), but I guess the 16 year age limit (probably American, I’m not sure if this applies to the Netherlands) was because of the ‘sexual content’ warning (four feet, I guess you know it).
Now ‘Love, Death and Robots’ had a few episodes with definite sexual content, and for those I understand the warning. For ‘Shape shifters’ however, I was surprised about this warning after watching the episode.
I know the reason they put this thing there, but it is highly ‘overrated’ to label what I saw as sexual content.
Spoiler alert here, so if you don’t want to see what this is about, do not continue.

Hooray and congrats for being brave. 😉

IMBD-supplied screenshot from “Shape Shifters”
The scene with the ‘sexual content’ is a clip of about 30 seconds, …

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