Our Naked Identity

Cypress Cove in Florida, one of the USA’s most popular nudist resorts, recently appeared in a new Netflix series called Worn Stories. Something we very much applauded, even before having seen the episode. Every time that naturism appears in mainstream media, it’s a step forward to normalizing nudity. It’s yet another time that our voices are heard and that people get to see what naturists do and what they look like.

But naturism in the media is not what this blog post is about. We did watch the episode and it was pretty interesting. Shortly summarized, it talks about those specific pieces of clothing, of which everyone probably has a couple, that are permeated with memories. A wedding dress, or the shirt that you wore on your first job interview, your first concert, or when your baby was born. And, interestingly, the series also puts a focus on people who value their own skin over clothing.

Clothes make the man
We believe that one reason why teenagers often turn away from naturism is that they are building their identity and because clothes have a very specific role in that process. When we were kids, there were several …

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