Our Big Naked Italian Road Trip 2021

In our previous blog post, you could read all about our visions for the future of Naked Wanderings. We have some pretty good ideas to make the whole concept more interesting, of which our new vlogs will definitely be a significant part. And we also want to focus more on what the traveling naturist enjoys. The Costa Blanca region in Spain has been a great place to try out our new concept, but we started looking for a destination where we could really get the best out of the two worlds: naturism and traveling.

As one of the most important vacation destinations in Europe and even the world, Italy has never really made the charts yet when it comes to naturist vacations. They are, of course, geographically stuck between the grand prize winners France and Croatia. But they have something that no other country in the world has: Awesome pizza. Nah, just kidding, they have the advantage that they are ITALY, a country with so much natural beauty, cultural history, and splendid cuisine. According to the CEIC data, almost 70 million people are visiting Italy each year. At least some of them would like to stay at a naturist resort, no?

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