Nature’s Stress Release

There are those trying times when one gets a bad break, financial plans fall apart, troubles at work, you know, stress explodes. Even thinking positive thoughts, one might wake up in a cold sweat, or have a sense in the stomach enough to take away any appetite. While it may seem like there is no relief in sight, there is a reprieve waiting. For stress, the natural prescription is getting naked and going for a hike. Get away and get in the present moment.
That’s what we did Sunday. A gorgeous day presented itself and we headed for Redington pass.

We took the high road over a steep hillside, and back down another.
Being the end of January, the snakes are not out. Even though this trail is overgrown and less used it is at this time of year not a threat other than a potential of stepping on a loose rock.
The climb is good exercise and getting through the pass is, too. Best thing to relieve stress and sleep well is to exercise. The hormones kick out serenity.
There is wonderment of being more aware in the present moment, where cares and woe don’t exist. Naked in nature is a lack of worry. Each step draws away from a multitude of thoughts. Each step and exertion of breath takes the emotional physical discomfort down a notch.
From the get go, I have shed my clothing and a man’s world at the same time. All I have is a water bottle and a small roll of cloth to protect my shoulders from too much sun. The roll is not to be worn. It merely pillows my head, as I lay resting on the hard granite surfaces. The sound of water coursing and falling drowns …

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