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While certain changes of plans are not uncommon when you’re living a traveling life like ours, the last 15 months have been by far the strangest ones of our lives. Absolutely nothing went according to plan. We had to escape Cuba just hours before the island would close its borders, then we got stuck in Mexico for three months, then things got a bit better and we went on a camping trip through France, but by the time it was over, the virus took the upper hand again and new lockdowns appeared everywhere around us.

Just before Belgium would implement a complete travel ban, we managed to flee to Spain. We arrived in Alicante and hoped to travel south from there, maybe even all the way into Portugal. But the Spanish government decided otherwise and closed the provinces. Today, we are still at less than 50 kilometers from the airport where we arrived almost 6 months ago. North of it, in fact. The only time when we went south of the city was to celebrate Nick’s birthday at Finca Pura B&B.

Never waste a good crisis
When your whole life plan is based on the idea of traveling from …

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