Why we Choose to Get Naked (and Why Not)

Here in Benidorm, a beach town in Spain where we are staying at the moment, we are about 5 blocks away from a beautiful long and sandy beach. Yet, we barely spend any time on this beach. Instead, we take long walks or take public transport to get to nude beaches in the region, which are smaller and often less comfortable. Do we really hate clothes that much?

Not exactly. We don’t mind clothes. In fact, we like clothes. They keep us warm and they look nice. Everyone will probably agree that there are different types of clothes for different occasions. We have winter clothes and summer clothes. We have clothes for work, clothes for parties, and clothes that we only wear when we’re not planning to leave the house any time soon.

As naturists, we have realized that there’s an additional layer to this. That there are times when clothes are just useless. Times when the appropriate dress is no dress at all.

The choice to be naked
You’ll find a lot of opinions about when naturists are supposed to be naked. A popular saying is: “naked when possible, clothed when necessary”. In some cases, this …

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