Have Naturist Federations Become Obsolete in the Internet Age?

Is there still a purpose for a naturist federation? This is a question that probably won’t surprise you on this blog, but in fact, this time it comes from someone else. It’s the first question Stéphane Deschenes (mostly known as the warm voice of the Naturist Living Show, the owner of Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park, former board member of several naturist federations, and all-round promotor of naturism) in the below interview with Karen and Paul, past board members of the Canadian Naturist Federation FCN.

To enjoy this blog post to the fullest, we recommend that you watch the interview before reading further because we’ll be talking about several things that are being said.

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Naturist Federations vs the internet
We’ll be honest with you, after watching the first 2.5 minutes of the interview, we already wanted to send Karen and Paul an angry e-mail. Because the answer to the question of why a federation is still needed appeared to be because the internet is an “untamed environment”. That federations are “a true source of information”, while the internet is an “unreliable one” because federations have people on the other end.

As Stéphane mentioned, naturist federations …

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