Heard at the beach and by the pool…

“So I’m at the beach with this log of sand stuck in the crotch of my swimsuit. How am I gonna get it out without looking weird?”
“I don’t know, but the way you’re walking sure looks weird.”
“I almost lost my suit in that last wave.”
“I know, I saw you trip and fall getting it back up.”
“I’ve got this floss thing running up between my butt cheeks cleaning out places where it shouldn’t be.”
“I have to adjust this thing, again and again, or else it looks sloppy and my privates pop out. Dang thing sags off and has to be pulled back up constantly.”               
 “When I dive in, it begins to fall off. Then, while I try to swim, it needs readjusted.”
 “ I hate the way that these straps are digging in to the tender skin below my breasts.”
“I end up with these weird looking tanlines like a painted on bikini.”
 “I’m too old to be seen wearing a two piece.”
“Well, it at least covers the important parts”
“Breast don’t all look like that? Do they?”
“Oops, the girls are falling out again.”
“Do you have any idea how much this thing costs? No way I’m not gonna wear it in the water!”
“Don’t ya hate when that white part gets out from under the textile and burns pink. Then, the fabric starts to rub it sore?”
“Oh that suit is so ‘80’s. She looks like such a prude.”
“Do you know skin cancer often happens where the textile garments move and the skin burns?”
“Am I really hiding any part of me in this clingy, skimpy thing?” Sometimes, ya gotta wonder, ‘What’s the sense?’”
“What do you do with that cold wet dripping …

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