Everybody Naked: Can Naturism become a Trend?

What’s a trend? It’s basically something that suddenly becomes very popular. Pokemon was a trend, so were the iPod and platform shoes. Fashion knows new trends several times per year, which dictate the colors and shapes of the clothes that you find in the popular stores. In haircuts, you can find a lot of trends too. Even in haircuts down below. Are you shaven? That’s a trend. You’re au naturel? That is a trend too.

We are hugely influenced by trends, often without even realizing it. A couple of years ago, everyone seemed to start doing yoga. Hundreds of different types of yoga were suddenly born, including naked yoga. It wasn’t that everyone had visited India and discovered yoga or that everyone at the same time thought that this might be a great way of exercising.

Why yoga became a trend
Yoga has existed for more than 5000 years. Until little more than a decade ago, in the western world, it was considered mostly something for hippies. Why is it that yoga has only become a trend? This has a lot to do with another trend of the recent years: The work-hard-play-hard mentality. Our agendas are …

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