Musings about Nudity, Censorship, Copyrights, and Cleo

Last week, Cleo from Topless Topics announced that she’s throwing in the towel. Although we should rather say that she’ll wrap it around. For the longest time, Cleo has been promoting gender equality and the right for women to be top-free on pretty much every social medium out there. But one after the other kicked her out and shut her down. Why? Because she leads her movement by example. In all her content, she would be bare-chested. Sometimes talking about the right to free the nipple, other times about completely random topics, with the hope that people would finally get used to seeing a half-naked woman and not immediately think about sex.

Cleo will continue her fight for gender equality, but she will do so following the rules of Silicon Valley. Meaning either clothed or blurred on any of the mainstream social media.

Censorship on social media
Everyone who creates content that includes some sort of nudity is always walking on a thin chord when it comes to social media. We’ve personally spent a fair amount of time in Facebook jail and had our account on Instagram banned several years ago. And let’s be honest, the …

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