The Different types of naturist accommodations

For a long time, naturism has invariably been connected to camping. It made perfect sense within the philosophy. Naturists wanted to spend most of their time outside, absorbing the sunshine and being as close as possible to nature. Personally, we love camping. For exactly those reasons. But along the way, we’ve learned that definitely not every naturist is interested in spending the weekends or holidays on a campsite. Or, let’s rephrase that, on “the idea of a campsite”.

Campsites vs naturist campsites
If you have visited both textile and naturist campsites, you probably already know why we’re making this distinction. At least for certain parts of the world. During our travels through Canada, we sometimes camped at textile campsites inside national parks. These places were basic but absolutely splendid. Lots of nature all around us and so much space that we could often easily hang around our tent naked without anyone ever noticing it. In the south of France, on the other hand, we’ve seen the dark side of the textile campsite. Concrete spaces next to highways where tents and campers were just stacked right next to each other.

The first time when we camped naked …

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