Being naked. It’s like reading a book.

(and the textile world doesn’t get it.)

Reading,. Naked.
Maybe this subject requires a tad of elaboration.
Why do you read a book?
Right. Because you want to read it. Perfect reason.
And why are you naked?
Exactly. Because you want to be naked. Again: perfect reason.
I think that completes this blog post, doesn’t it?
Not entirely, because, as usual, there is more to this than the ‘naked’ eye can see. (Interesting phrase, that naked eye.)

I am convinced that one of the major misconceptions of the textilised humans around us is that they aren’t aware of the simple fact that we want to be naked for ourselves. It’s not for showing off or any other outgoing purpose – most of the time.
In fact, let’s be honest, most of us aren’t the model that would be ‘shown off’ in the textile world. They have different measures and standards, and they hide their own nature beneath their layers of fabric.
The subject title of this post suddenly came to me. It’s such a simple truth that I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of it sooner. We eat and drink because we want …

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