9 Naturist Campsites in Europe for less than 30 Euros per Night

Europe is an expensive place to be. Every time when we have a morning coffee on a French terrace and have to pay a small fortune for it, we hope that we’ll soon awake from this nightmare. Maybe it’s because we’ve been spending lots of time in cheaper parts of the world lately or maybe it’s because our income isn’t exactly comparable to European standards, but in any case, being in Europe is always a huge attack on our budget.

Also traveling in Europe can be expensive. By traveling a lot, we’ve learned quite a lot of tricks to reduce our costs and we meanwhile have an extensive list of resources where we can get good deals. Accommodation-wise, camping is still by far the most economical option. But that also depends on a number of factors. Especially the period of travel has a huge influence on the cost. During the high season, for example, prices can easily double. Along the way, we found some naturist campsites in Europe where it’s still possible to stay for less than 30 euros a night (2 persons, own tent/camper, and electricity) throughout the whole year.

At Le Pont …

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