The Pressure of Going Naked

A couple of years ago, we’ve been front row spectators of one of the saddest scenes that we ever encountered on our naturist travels, and we’ve seen quite a lot. Remember, we’ve been to Cap d’Agde once. This had nothing to do with sex though. We were lazing away in the sun beds of a very genuine naturist resort and in the corner of our eye, we saw a new couple arriving from the reception desk.

They walked towards us, but after a couple of steps, they made a sudden stop. A smile appeared on the guy’s face. The dark-skinned face of the woman, on the other hand, turned bright white. She turned her eyes away and started marching towards the bungalow that had been appointed to them. This would be the first and the last time that we saw her for the whole week that the couple had booked at the resort. Apparently, the husband had come up with the marvelous idea to book a vacation at a naturist resort and not telling his wife about the plan. “Surprise, honey!”.

Going naked for the first time is a big deal
Maybe that man had …

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