How to get More Diversity in Naturism?

During the second Simply Naked Episode, we talked quite a bit about how we see the future for naturism. About what is going well and what might need to change. Or updated, if you wish. With quite a young panel, the topic of the aging naturist was quickly brought up. Not just the fact that many naturists we meet are often older than ourselves, but also the stigma that has been created by this phenomenon. As Brendan summarized with a sweet Australian accent: “Naturists are seen as a bunch of old blokes sitting around the caravan park naked“.

The follow-up question was spot on: “Why would young people, especially young females, be interested in joining the club and hang out with a bunch of old men?“. This is by far the biggest mistake that many naturist clubs and organizations are making today. They like to believe that the younger generations are just not interested anymore in naturism. That they have become prudes. They blame the internet, social media, and smartphones. But they don’t question themselves.

Diversity is more than the age balance
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