The Importance of Protecting Our Nude Beaches

Spain is one of the few countries in the world where nudity in public places is completely legal. Really, if we decided to walk out of our door naked this afternoon for a long stroll on Benidorm boulevard, there’s not a single law that can prohibit us from doing so. But that’s not the plan for today. Although we like to strive for a world in which nudity is normalized, we also realize that we’re not there yet and that the shock effect of walking naked among the clothed families would probably work counterproductive.

A short walk down the road from our place is a lovely beach called Cala de Finestrat. White sands, emerald-colored sea, you get the picture. But even there, we won’t be going full monty. Instead, we rather hike for half an hour through the mountains towards Racó Del Conill, one of the official nude beaches in the region. Or as they are locally called: “playas de tradición nudista”. Beaches with a nudist tradition. You got to love the poetry in the Spanish language.

Why do nude beaches exist in Spain?
In a country where nudity is allowed all around, why do we …

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