How to get a Naturist Volunteer Job

Naturist vacations come with a cost. Even if you just want to go to a naturist campsite and bring your own tent, you’ll easily pay several tens of euros or dollars per night for a pitch. And then you haven’t had lunch and a beer yet. Especially if you want to travel for several weeks or months, the bite in your budget can be significant.

Something we often forget is that there is another way of paying than hard cash: With time. We do this every day at our jobs. We exchange several hours of our time for a paycheck, which we then use to make whatever is left of our time a bit more fun. But there is a way to skip the paycheck system: It’s called volunteering.

Volunteering in naturism
Since the early days, naturism has depended a lot on volunteering. Even today, lots of naturist associations and organizations only work with volunteers. This used to be the same for the clubs and resorts. By becoming a member, you also agreed to donate some of your time and skills to the resort. In exchange for a couple of naked days next to the pool, you …

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